Well over 355 million children are trapped in poverty. Compassion International is working to change that.

Compassion International is a child-development ministry dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Through sponsorships and donations, they empower local churches to provide individualized and holistic care to children in poverty so they are free to learn, grow, play and dream. Poverty damages children’s growth, learning and development, preventing them from reaching their God-given potential. Successfully intervening for them requires holistic care, which is why Compassion International’s child development model addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each child.

Compassion International is a generous partner of Trust. For a limited time, you can receive a signed copy of Dr. Cloud’s latest book, Trust, for each Compassion child you sponsor.

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Serve the Church. Help it thrive. Support it with Gloo’s powerful technology.

Gloo doesn’t just build great apps. They focus on the right insights, connections, and friendly tools that make it easier for the Church to unleash the immense capacity it already has. By helping churches and people connect to each other, and then powering those connections with the right tools, they extend the Church’s capacity to reach, know and move every person it serves.

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WinShape Marriage

Cultivate growth in every season of your marriage with WinShape Marriage.

As a Christ-centered ministry, the sole basis of WinShape Marriage’s beliefs is the Bible, which is core to everything they do. WinShape Marriage creates experiences that help husbands and wives grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Whether you’re feeling disconnected or fully present, their goal is to bring you and your spouse a renewed sense of connection. Refresh and reconnect from the moment you arrive and enjoy intentional time to focus on each other. Every experience is located at the beautiful WinShape Retreat in Rome, Georgia, and will leave you feeling closer to your spouse and the Lord.

WinShape Marriage is a generous partner of Trust Live!. Explore their marriage retreat experiences to begin growing in trust with your spouse.

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