The message of Trust is one your entire community needs to experience. That’s why we’re making Trust Live! available to churches, businesses, chambers of commerce, families, and universities across the country.


Think of Trust Live! as an event in a box. With purchase, you’ll receive…

  • 15 hardcover copies of Trust
  • Exclusive access to a 2-hour event from Dr. Henry Cloud featuring teaching on Trust with application points for every facet of life (relationships, marriage, personal and professional development, and team building)
  • Q&A with special guests
  • All the materials you will need to market and promote the event
  • A companion journal for all participants at your event
  • A Leader’s Guide to facilitate discussion

We believe that Trust has the power to transform a family, a team, an organization, and even an entire community. And it starts with you saying “yes” to hosting Trust Live!


The message of Trust is truly one that anyone can benefit from. Whether you are a business, church, chamber of commerce, university, family, or even just an individual with a passion to share the message, Trust Live! is the perfect event to host in support of the personal and professional development of your community. Hosts of Trust Live! have the option to share the event for free or to charge a registration fee of their choice for attendance. Ideas include: a leadership team offsite, a chamber of commerce luncheon, a church marriage enrichment night, an extended family gathering, a university faculty development event, and more! 



  1. Purchase Trust Live! prior to March 30, 2023.
  2. You’ll receive a guide that walks you all of the steps for hosting a successful event.
  3. You can schedule your event any time between March 29th and April 30th
  4. You will receive marketing material to promote your event, sell tickets, or get local sponsors.
  5. You will receive your 15 books in the mail. If you need more, we’ve got you covered. Click here for more information.
  6. On March 28 (the official release date of Dr. Cloud’s new book, Trust), you will receive the video for your Trust Live! event and have the final piece you need for a transformational event!
  7. Host your event, give the books away, and use the Leader’s Guide and companion journal for additional learning.


Yes! You can choose to host a ticketed or free event for your community or organization. You have the freedom to make it your own.

Trust Live! is being filmed at First Orlando the evening of March 27, 2023. To attend in Orlando, stay tuned for registration information. 

Books will be sent to you within four weeks of your Trust Live! purchase. For example, if you purchase Trust Live! on February 1st you can expect to receive your books by March 1st. If having the books present at your Trust Live! event is important to you and your organization, please consider the lead time needed for book shipment when selecting an event date.


Get a discounted price by purchasing a bulk order.

Want to receive a discounted book price by placing a bulk order?